The full experience of digital transformation

We translate your operative data into commercially valuable insight. Complex data is made transparent and usable, thus unfolding data’s full potential for all to see. Our unique technology platform with its intuitive interface is perfect not just for expert data analysts. Everyone else in the company profits too. You can create lasting, measurable outcomes: based on next-generation innovation, new product ideas and durable, efficient processes.

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Effective data collation – the first step to measurable outcomes

Our platform allows you to bundle all your data feeds in a functional and practical way. Thanks to its clear and structured design you will be able to focus on what is most important: turning your data into actionable insight. All data is displayed at an intermediate level, so stand-alone solutions become comparable structures and eventually measurable outcomes.

In order to merge data feeds from a variety of sources, we use a distributed and reliable system based on state-of-the-art data ingestion technologies. The system collects and pre-processes historical, batch and streaming data. This structured data can then be used for further analysis. At the same time, it is stored in a data lake in various structural forms, allowing the various Qoactive® modules to access all relevant data.

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Advanced methods of analysis for everyone: the future is tangible, the future is here.

These days, sophisticated algorithms are no longer reserved for experts only. Thanks to Qoactive®, they are now available to everyone. This means that the advantages of machine learning and artificial intelligence can be used company-wide. Our experts ensure that the Qoactive® platform not only draws on the latest technologies but also that its applications are simple, clear and intuitive to use. From quality management in production through to efficient processes, predictive maintenance and targeted troubleshooting: Qoactive® has been developed to make sure you get the security and clarity needed for successful processes.

Our experience shows that the extensive use of state-of-the-art techniques such as Deep Learning and AutoML offers huge potential in an industrial environment. Thanks to Qoactive®, these methods are no longer reserved for experts but are now available to any member of staff – in a user-friendly way. In a nutshell, we take industrial issues, solve them using algorithms and translate the results into actionable insights for the user. Our various Qoactive® modules combine the efficiency of cutting-edge methods with the user’s domain expertise. Algorithm selection, parametrization, questions of validation and robustness: our experts tailor all of this to your specific use case within the module so you always stay on top of things.

Analysing complex data: more accessible and relevant than ever before

From process managers to technical experts: Qoactive® turns complex data into comprehensible information for every single member of your team, allowing everyone in the company to draw valuable conclusions. Developing data-based hypotheses and finding out how to apply them becomes easily comprehensible and accessible for everyone. As a result, the potential offered by your data becomes visible to all concerned. Handling data actually becomes satisfying because of the speed and accuracy involved.

Qoactive® and its modules draw on various design thinking methods to achieve two main objectives: responding to individual user requirements and gaining essential knowledge. A structured, user-friendly and custom-designed interface with clear interactive data visualization ensures an outstanding user experience and maximum insight. By implementing Qoactive® as a web or mobile application you will have unlimited access to your data and analyses – anytime, anywhere. Our smart collaboration and export features allow smooth, creative and interdisciplinary cooperation – as well as convincing presentation of results to your stakeholders and customers.

A powerful platform – as unique as you are.

Ready, set, go: our powerful and reliable platform allows you to get started right away. But since every process, every product and every business is highly distinctive, Qoactive® is tailored to your individual needs based on specific modules. This allows you to build on proven methods while generating individualized knowledge and achieving maximum acceptance within the team.

Numerous integration options for various data sources, a selection of standard modules such as Exploration and Anomaly Detection, tried-and-tested dashboards and useful workflow and collaboration features: Qoactive® is excellently prepared to tackle any data analysis task. A multilingual front-end allows for smooth cooperation between staff and customers worldwide. Thanks to an integrated white-label feature, the visual appearance can be customized to match any corporate identity. On this basis, which is as stable as it is flexible, we develop custom-designed modules for your specific user groups and tasks – thus providing solutions that are tailored to your individual needs.

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Continuous optimisation. Improving on a daily basis.

Qlaym breaks down the variety of your plants’ technical data into concrete insights that can be integrated into the daily work routine by all members of the company. Complex relationships become immediately visible and potential implications can be easily assessed, enabling every member of the team to contribute to the success of the business.

Qlaym allows you to monitor the performance of your plants, identify potential problems before they arise and gain valuable knowledge for the development of your products – all on-site at the customer’s premises, ensuring you will continue to be your customers’ most vital partner far beyond the plant engineering phase itself.