Turn up the data volume and fill the gap

Why you’ll be defining the future industry by joining Qlaym

We know we can define the digital revolution in established industries. Not because we’re superior – but because we’re faster and more agile. We pursue the newest approaches and we’re able to link data streams to the people who actually use them. Along with your talent, inspiration and enthusiasm, there’s a whole good deal we can aim for. By working at Qlaym you’ll be able to actively shape and define Industrialization 4.0.

Our work philosophy

Unprecedented yet very familiar.
Technological yet human.
Virtual yet tangible.

Qlaym – Work with us

Our promise to you

New office
We're relocating soon so you will find a new environment – in the office itself and around.
Dynamic framework
With us, you get the opportunity to test innovative technologies. We're always seeking to improve our product. We are not stuck in established ways but instead keep searching for untrodden paths.
Flat hierarchies
Everyone talks about it – we put it into practice. The word micro-management is simply not in our dictionary. Our teams organize their work independently, and decisions are made jointly.
Modern resources
We want to shape the future. This also includes using up to date tools. So you'll be very well equipped and can achieve your full potential.
Professional development time
With us, everyone can take the time to discover new things. The only requirement is to share knowledge within the team.
Attractive benefits
You have the unique opportunity to leave your mark on a company and be involved in its progress. And you'll be rewarded for your accomplishments. We've established an attractive program of options for this purpose.
Key details
Home office, no dress code, Club Mate is always available and, of course, fresh fruit at all times as a healthy balance – not to mention a personal fitness trainer (and that's not just the table soccer in the office).
Full support for work and family
We do everything we can to enable young mothers and fathers to achieve a smart combination of their work and what can often be a complex day-to-day routine.

Meet the team

The team consists of passionate people that constantly mix a wide range of skills: design, development, storytelling, information architecture, statistics, user experience, etc.

Technologies we use

We’re looking for colleagues who are even better than we are.

Our application process

Send us your informative CV or a link to your LinkedIn or Xing profile.
We will call and conduct a 15-minute interview with you. Depending on the position, you'll be given a case study to work on for the first meeting.
If you have the skills and attitude we're looking for and have tackled the set task, we will invite you to come in and meet us.
An offer you won't want to refuse.
Jointly will embark on a long journey to develop something remarkable.

Get into the data flow.