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Digital transformation with humans in mind

Complex data is made transparent and usable, thus unfolding data’s full potential. Our unique technology platform Qoactive® with its intuitive interface provides comprehensive answers. Not only for the data analysis experts, but for everyone else in the company.
Leveraging all aspects of the digital transformation, we translate your operative data into commercially valuable insights.

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We orchestrate and synchronize humans and algorithms

Our platform allows you to bundle all your data feeds in a functional and practical way.

Your complex data becomes more relevant and accessible than ever before.

With a human focused approach so that everyone in the company can draw valuable conclusions from your data.

Troubleshoot process malfunctions ✓
Identify, optimize and monitor process irregularities ✓

Advanced methods of analysis for everyone, the future is tangible

These days, sophisticated algorithms are no longer reserved for experts only. Thanks to Qoactive®, they are now available to everyone. This means that the advantages of machine learning and artificial intelligence can be used company-wide. Our experts ensure that the Qoactive® platform not only draws on the latest technologies but also that its applications are simple, clear and intuitive to use.

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Qoactive® closes the digital transformation gap in process industries

The digitalization gap

Large parts of the value chain are fully digitalized – but the core production process is left out.

The activity gap

Typically, operations within process plants are either fully in human hands or fully in the hand of machines. But for the important combination of machine and human interaction the level of deployment is low.

Qoactive® closes the gap

Qoactive® digitalizes the core operation of process plants and brings AI together with the human intuition.


Our clients achieve stunning results

25 %

Profit increase in a specialized petrochemical plant (2 Million $ savings per year)

88 %

Reduction of rejects in steel production

50 %

More correct predictions of material properties

Let’s optimize your plant operations together.

Let’s make sense of your complex data now.